About Us

Pekiboo Kids Fashion & Photography opens its doors in the City of Doral.

Pekiboo born from the need of its creators,the Camacho family, to find an alternative for clothes her daughters (Paulina and Valentina Camacho), this Latino middle class family living in South Florida, wants his daughters look spectacular as dress the children of royalty in every social event without spending a fortune, so, they dared to seek fashion designers dedicated to children in Spain.
In Pekiboo we think of every detail, so we created a "VIP Fashion + Photography Store" located in the city of Doral, where We set the space with a European-Spanish look where we give our customers a personalized, private and exclusive attention. We have the most original and quite affordable designs without losing the quality and style of its products, which also handmade with high quality fabrics. We are the only store that has the infrastructure of a photographic studio dedicated to the "fashionistas kids"