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Absolutely adorable and so collectible! Our hand-knitted baby animals are the perfect way to start or grow your cuddle+kind collection. Each traditional quality baby animal is lovingly handmade with natural Peruvian cotton yarn, with carefully considered details. Slightly larger than your hand, they are the softest and most adorable companions we can imagine. Our PEKILOVERS will love collecting them all!

We stand behind our handmade dolls 100%
1 BABY animal provides
5 meals for children in North America
and around the world

Each baby animal is handmade and will vary slightly. We hope you love your doll for the special features that make it unique.
  • handmade in Peru and Nepal using sustainable, fair trade practices
  • hand-knit with premium 100% cotton yarn
  • high stitch count for durability and softness
  • stuffed with hypoallergenic polyfill to be the ideal cuddle weight
  • safe + non-toxic: US + CE + Canadian safety standard certified
  • every baby animal comes with a special booklet sharing our mission to feed children in need
  • every baby animal has a special ‘gives 5 meals’ tag on their hip to remind your little one of the impact they made
  • baby animals are approximately 7” in height